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The Australian Open invites the world’s greatest tennis players to Melbourne each January for the season’s first Grand Slam competition. On this page, you’ll discover all you need to know about betting on the Australian Open, from expert tips to recommendations on where to find the greatest odds on the Australian Open at the best betting sites.

Who has the edge in the Australian Open?

When examining the odds for the Australian Open, we can see that there are a few clear favorites who stand out from the rest of the competition.



Novak Djokovic is presently leading the men’s event, with bet365 providing odds of 11/10 for the Serb to make history and win his 10th Australian Open championship. Carlos Alcaraz and Daniil Medvedev, at 5/1, are the joint second favorites.


Unibet has Iga Swiatek as the favorite to win the women’s tournament, with odds of 13/8. 12/1 odds are placed on Caroline Garcia and Aryna Sabalenka as the next two favorites to win.


2023 Australian Open Wagering Suggestions

While betting on the Australian Open is never a sure thing, there are some essential tennis betting tips that will boost your chances of winning. Before we get into them, it is vital to note that anyone following our simple tennis betting tips should always gamble responsibly.


Don’t Bet Blindly on Favorites: When you begin to construct your betting sheet, you’ll see that each game has a clear favorite. Some gamblers will choose to combine a number of favorites for a multiple wager on the first-round matches of the Australian Open. Unfortunately, these multi-bets are rarely successful due to the prevalence of early-round shocks. This is especially true for the Australian Open, as it is difficult to determine a player’s form at the beginning of the season.

Make sure you’re always receiving betting value: It is essential to carefully evaluate both the tennis betting odds and your personal perspective. If a betting site for the Australian Open is offering odds of 1/1 (evens) on a player winning their match, this indicates there is a 50/50 chance they will prevail. If you believe that they are the most likely winner, this is their perceived betting worth, and you may choose to back them. You may back a player at odds of 3/1 who loses by a close margin, but you have still made a profitable selection. If you understand tennis and continue to search for the finest Australian Open odds, your chances of winning will rise.

Evaluate Your Bankroll for the Australian Open: Each Australian Open tournament lasts for two weeks. This means that you have 14 consecutive days of betting opportunities. Before you begin betting, you should determine how much you will wager on the entire tournament. We are often eager to bet on winners, but we must always examine our budget and what we are willing to lose. It is also essential to determine if you will bet on individual tennis matches, tennis multiples, or outright wagers.

A tennis multi can be a great deal of fun; but, you shouldn’t get greedy. There are numerous matches, and the temptation when filling out a bet slip is to include a large number of participants in the hopes of earning a massive payout. The reality, though, is that winning 10-folds are uncommon. It may be preferable to shorten the list in order to increase the likelihood of profit. Always be confident that any player you select will win.

Consider a Total Games Bet Rather Than a Match Winner Bet: You are not need to correctly guess the outcome of every Australian Open tennis match. Often, it is preferable to examine Total Games, an alternate two-way betting market. This simply implies that you wager on whether the total number of games will exceed or fall below a specified number. Over bettors will profit during a competitive five-game series, whilst the Under is more likely to prevail in lopsided contests.

Consider Past Australian Open and Grand Slam Results: Finally, we wish to determine which players will do well during the Australian Open’s two-week duration. It is worthwhile to examine prior Australian Open tournaments to see who has advanced to the semifinals in Melbourne. You can also review the prior year’s Grand Slam tournaments, particularly the US Open, which is played on a similar surface. While placing bets on the Australian Open, we seek out the hardcourt players that are in the best shape.

Our Favourite 2023 Australian Open Betting Sites

At, our team of sports betting experts has evaluated the top bookmakers and new betting sites to assist you in locating the optimal alternative. These reputable Australian Open betting sites have met our evaluation standards and have been deemed to provide an excellent betting experience. They offer excellent Aus Open odds, multiple betting markets, and mobile applications.

Popular Australian Open Betting Markets


During the competition, there are numerous betting markets available for the Aus Open. While most fans are familiar with basic wagering options, such as Match Winner, we decided to compile a list of unusual wagering alternatives available at the best Australian Open sports betting sites.


Set Betting: Set betting is one of the most popular wagers in the Australian Open. These markets emphasize on individual sets, and both players are available for wagering. Several markets are available, including set score, winner, totals, race to, and set handicaps. Set wagers can be put prior to the game or during play, allowing tactical live bettors to acquire the greatest odds.

Player To: The Player To market allows you to wager on whether a specific player will win a set, come from behind to win, or win the match in straight sets. These alternatives are accessible for both participants, and betting services for the Australian Open offer modest and high payouts for low and high-ri wagers.

Same Game Multi: With same game multis, you may wager on Australian Open events and mix multiple outcomes from the same tennis match to increase winnings. In the same game, you may combine Winner, Totals, Sets, Player Specials, Faults, Handicaps, Set Score, and other variables.

There are some intriguing Australian Open wagers available in the Ace Totals market. Bookies offer alternative odds for the number of ace serves each player will deliver and the overall number of points scored in the match. This market might be lucrative for tennis experts who recognize which matchups will produce the most aces.

Set Two Race To Five: Set 2 Race to 5 is a popular live bet on Australian Open events. You must correctly estimate which player will win five games in the second set to win the wager. Given to the rapid-fire nature of the tennis point system, the Aus Open odds might fluctuate, allowing live bettors to secure the best payouts at the correct time.

How to Bet on the Australian Open

Men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles are the five competitions that run concurrently over the Australian Open’s two-week duration. Because of this variety, the leading tennis betting companies offer a multitude of wagering options for the Australian Open. Listed below are some of our favorites.


Straight-Up Wagering

Many people are interested in betting on the Australian Open winner markets. Betting on the winner of the men’s and women’s singles competitions is usually popular with tennis gamblers, who also value the opportunity to wager each way on their picks. It may also be possible to wager on the two finalists and a player to win a particular quarter of his or her draw.


Prematch wagering

Every Australian Open match will include a vast array of pre-match betting markets from the top tennis betting bookmakers. Obviously, you may wager on a person to defeat their opponent, but there are other other options, like Total Games 2-Way, Tennis Set Betting, and First Set Score. Some clients prefer to combine Match Outcome and Total Games options to increase their price advantage.


Tennis Bet Builder

Several Australian Open bookmakers now permit the placement of Bet Builder and Same-Game Multi wagers on individual matches. This is excellent for people who desire the larger payouts associated with tennis multi-bets, but do not wish to keep track of several matches. Just mix markets and load a bet slip until you are satisfied with the selections and total price.


Tennis Multi Bets

Throughout the first several rounds of the men’s and women’s singles tournaments at the Australian Open, there are numerous matches. That is a perfect time to place regular tennis multiple wagers, particularly if you choose to mix many favorites. In the opening week of the Australian Open, the tennis coupon is stuffed with match odds, and you can try to earn a large return from a little commitment by putting a tennis multiple.


The Development of the Australian Open

The Lawn Tennis Association of Australia established the Australasian Championships in 1905 in order to unite domestic tennis competitions from the region. Melbourne hosted the inaugural match in November 1905. The competition’s name was changed to the Australian Championships in 1927, and then to the Australian Open in 1969.


Before moving to Kooyong, Melbourne in 1972, the first competition was held in Brisbane. Some prominent tennis players, notably John McEnroe and Mats Wilander, joined the tournament after 1983, contributing to its increased popularity. In 1988, this prompted officials to transfer the event to the bigger and more accessible Melbourne Park, where it is still held today.


With a January start date, the Open is the first grand slam tennis tournament of the year and the first opportunity for sports bettors to evaluate the performance of each player. In order to establish a tennis betting strategy for upcoming grand slam events, shrewd bettors will observe who wins the Australian Open final and how others fare in order to predict the outcomes of future grand slam tournaments.


With almost 117 years of history and recent attendance numbers nearing one million, the Open is one of Melbourne’s most prestigious athletic events and provides two weeks of nonstop tennis action. Current records are held by Novak Djokovic with nine men’s singles titles and Margaret Court with eleven women’s singles titles.


Winners of the Australian Open in the Past

Throughout the Australian Open, men and women vie for a place in tennis lore. At, we recognize the significance of tournament history and have compiled a list of prior Aus Open champions to assist you in developing your own betting strategy.


Men’s Winners

The table below lists the previous ten men’s Australian Open champions. It’s remarkable to see one player continually dominate such a huge tournament, but Djokovic’s six Australian Open titles in the last decade make it simple to see why he’s the betting favorite this year.

Where to Watch the Australian Open Tennis Tournament


The greatest way to enjoy the action from home is to watch live tennis, which can also help you locate opportunities to place in-play Australian Open wagers. Signing up with a bookie that provides live streaming is the most convenient alternative for sports bettors. bet365 and Unibet are two platforms that stream the Grand Slam. After creating an account and making a deposit, it is possible to watch live tennis matches.


Checking in to local television is another simple alternative, and Channel 9 is the only station that will air tournament coverage. Paid entertainment services such as Stan Sports, YouTube TV, Hulu, Fox Sports, Amazon Prime, ESPN+, FuboTV, Sky, Eurosport, and BeIn Sports are the next-best alternative.


Australian Open Schedule for 2023

Following the tournament schedule might assist you in organizing your Australian Open betting strategy and preparing for each phase of the competition. There are several matches in various categories and rounds, and the following timetable will help you remain on track.


Monday, January 16th, to Tuesday, January 17th, 2023: First Rounds

Second Rounds – Wednesday, January 18th, through Thursday, January 19th, 2023

Third Rounds: Friday, January 20th, through Saturday, January 21st, 2023

Fourth Rounds – Sunday, January 22nd, through Monday, January 23rd, 2023

Quarterfinals: Tuesday, January 24, to Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Thursday, January 26, 2023: Women’s Semifinal

Semifinal for men – January 26th, 2023

Finale féminine – samedi 28 janvier 2023

Men’s Final on January 29th, 2023

2023 Australian Open Betting – Crucial Takeaways

In January of 2023, the world’s best tennis players will battle for £43 million in prize money at the Australian Open, which is projected to generate a record number of wagers. By using one of the approved Australian Open betting companies featured on this page, you may gain access to attractive Australian Open odds, a variety of betting markets, and daily live tennis streams.


Have fun and remember to risk wisely with your Australian Open wagers!

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